Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Got some Gotland/Shetland lambs!!

 So alot has been going on since my last like a year ago:) 
Pictured above is my handsome new Gotland ram I purchased from Kim Goodling  His name is Lars. I have not bred my Shetland sheep in over 3 years so instead of bringing in a new Shetland Ram I opted for crossing the Shetland ewes with Gotland ram.  I could not be happier!
 Seven lambs were born over the past month.....4 ewes and 3 ram lambs. Pictured below are some of the new crew.  They are super personable and I am so excited about their wool:)

So besides breaking my left foot climbing over a stall wall in July, starting my 25th year of teaching high school history in August, going to Vermont to get Lars, and turning 50 in November, life has been anything but dull;) 


Camryn said...

Hay girl, so happy to see your post & know all is well. Must have Dixie pix however lol. Cousin Ivy has been diagnosed with Cushing recently. Lucky she's doing well with her Meds.

Kristi Z said...

Hey Susan! Good to hear from you! Dixie is slowing down:( She has been limping alot, worried about her back. I am actually taking her in for a senior exam next. I had her spayed last summer to ward off mammory issues. Give Ivy a hug from us:)

Camryn said...

Yes, our girls are sadly getting old. Ivy is in meds for back pain. We'd adopted a large breed pup that loved to pound on her. He's since been re homed for her safety. Poor sweet girl.

DCAja said...

love this blog!