Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Fairy just like me.....

I was never a big doll house girl growing up.  For some reason, Barbi and her buddies never looked a lick like me.... I am sure there is some psycho analysis embedded meaning in there but I will forgive Barbies makers and not file a lawsuit as I did go on to college and earned a Master's degree and I have  a stable job. 
Anyways, I have taken a liking to the fairy gardens. I have bought way too much stuff for them, hence I have 2 fairy gardens, but I refused to buy one of the fairy's cuz again they just were kinda yucky and didn't look like me.

Then I saw her, and she looked just like me....overalls, sittin' on a hay bale.....yep, I found a fairy that looks just like me.  Well, the hair color is a bit off.....mine is this sexy grey color but it use to brown so I rationalized that she looks like me.  
Sometimes sacrifices need to be made;)


Barb said...

Oh.....I am so glad you found a fairy just like you! She is sweet. I tried an indoor fairy garden once but my kitties thought it was to be used for their digging pleasure. Fairies and plants and other cute paraphernalia flung hither and yon. Such carnage for a little act of kitty pleasure. So now my large expensive pot holds begonias, my miniature plants have grown into big plants in their own pots and who knows what happened to the fairies.

Kristi Z said...

Sometimes my fairy garden gets attacked by Godzilla kitties and I have to reconstruct it and water ponds have to be refilled cuz they think it's a drinking pond;)