Wednesday, May 17, 2017

No kidding, I've been busy!

Its been awhile.........

........kinda been busy with 23 kids born between February and May.
Yep, planned on only breeding 3 goats.
Silly me.
I should know better.
Goats have their own agenda.

Yep, sure have a lot of kids:)


Camryn said...

Oh my, I'm in love with that little tri in #3! So are you now to be called the crazy goat lady lol

Kristi Z said...

I am crazy....seriously! It's been nonstop. That little tri is Maisie and she just went to her new home along with 6 other babies! An awesome couple fell in love with the babies...yippie! You should get some goats too;)

Michelle said...

Well, it sounds like you're making some headway in finding homes, so yay!

melanie said...

your Goat Math is worse than my Chicken Math! Let's see.....23 kids over three goats....that"s over 7 each! Ha-ha-ha

DCAja said...

thanks love this blog!