Tuesday, December 20, 2016

An Evening Reflection

When life gets away from you,
 it takes but a moment to reflect on what really matters.


Camryn said...

Very much so. Give Ms. Dixie hugs from Gramma

Jean said...


Barb said...

Well said! I've missed you. Are you on Christmas vacation yet?

Kristi Z said...

I had to have a heart to heart talk with Dixie.....I told her she was FAT...she didn't care....told her Santa was not bringing her Beggin Treats this year!

I need a vacation:)

Thank you for your kind words!! The school district I work for thought it would be a good idea to have the 23rd be our last day. It's a half day. My students final project is due tomorrow. I told them I would give them bonus points if they didn't come on the 23rd:)

Camryn said...

Uh oh, tell Ms. Dixie you're only looking out for her. Cousin Ivy has back problems and she's not a chub.