Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sheep Shearing Day

Today was shearing day.
It ranks as one of the most stressful days of the year for me.

Today was the only day of the week that had zero chance of rain.
I prayed really hard that it stayed that way.

Corraling the sheep is always a treat. That little grey ewe pictured above is my menace and one of the squirumest sheep to shear.

I used grain to sucker  gather all the sheep into 2 main stalls.

33 suckers sheep were all set for Trevor to shear. Trevor is an awesome shearer! More to come on him in the post on the alpaca shearing.

When all was done it was pretty impressive.

I piled all the wool on the screened-n-porched......so many bags of wool....so many ideas......


Barb said...

Oh My Goodness.....I didn't know you had 33 sheep! Isn't it nice to have shearing over and done with, though? I had mine done a few weeks ago but I had a dream two nights ago that new shearers showed up and demanded that they do the shearing IN my house somewhere and surely I could accommodate their request. I was a nervous wreck in my dream! :O) Do you sell some of your fleeces? I just pulled over 30 bags of washed fleeces out of my studio closets and made my mind up that I do indeed need to sell some of them. Sigh....there is no way I can ever get to all of them (and that doesn't include the 9 fleeces in the laundry room from last year's shearing that need washing nor the 8 more waiting in the garage from this year's shearing.)

Sadly I lost my little Sweet Annie on Sunday. I have no idea what happened. She was fine when I did late check the evening before but Sunday morning it appeared that she was sleeping with her head on her shoulder. When I started to talk to her and there was no response I dropped what I had in my hands and ran to check her. She was gone. Lots of tears were shed that day. Then for two days I found my old Shetland, Ahma, unable to get up off the ground. By her condition I knew she had been unable to get to her feet for quite some time. I saw to her needs and stayed with her until all her "functions" were working, then watched her like a hawk the rest of the day. Last night I checked on her at 12:30 a.m. and then just went out a few minutes ago. My heart jumped for joy to see her up and grazing on both visits.

Happy Dreaming!!!!

Kristi Z said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss....I truly understand. I worry frantically when one gets sick and as I type one of my baby goats has a temperature and is not feeling well.

I laugh at your dream! I have LOTS AND LOTS of wool and I need to start selling it among other things that I need to do. I have a spare bathtub piled with roving and my best fleeces
...lol....so much wool, so many dreams:)