Monday, April 18, 2016

Mini-LaMancha Babies!!!!!

Last year I bred 5 goats.  They all had bucks. 
The kids were healthy and the moms did great raising them but they were all boys:(
All boys get sold.  By 3 months old they drive me crazy and have to go.
This year I choose to breed 8 goats.  Five got bred. I prayed for girls over the past 5 months.
The stars definitely lined up for me this year!

Last Sunday night around 8:45 Laverne delivered twin does!!

They are so adorable and very, very petite! Laverne is a mini LaManchas ( aka minimancha).  Her mom is a mini Mancha and her father is a purebred Nigerian Dwarf.  Laverne has LaMancha ears and her little does have little turned up ears.

Laverne is 2 year old doe and a first time mom and she is doing awesome with her babies!

This little girl is her mini-me and she may be little but boy does she have a set of lungs on her!

Pictured above is my beautiful sweet  Verna who has kidded 3 times and given all boys:(
She finally gave me the best gift..... twin does!!!! 

When I came home from school last Friday, she was in the stall with her new babies all cleaned up and nursing. I was suspecting she might have her babies so I got her all settled into a stall before I left for school.  

I was really praying hard when I went into the stall to see what she had.  When I saw that they were girls I cried with excitement!  I bred her to Tex, my Nigerian Dwarf buck.  The babies are really flashy like the Nigerians. The girls are adorable and have very little independent attitudes!

And last but not least my Gwen girl.  Gwen was my first mini LaMancha born ......she was not a planned breeding. Her mom was a pure bred Nigerian Dwarf who took it upon herself to walz in with the bucks and got bred by a purebred LaMancha. And so began my love of mini-manchas:).  Gwen has kidded 3 times and has had all bucks.  I had a long talk with her and told her it was time to give me a doe........ 

........ and how is this for a cute doe?!?!?  Yep, I was a tad excited to see this little girl born......her name is Ginny and yes, she is a keeper:)

She too is very curious and loves Meesha!

Gwen had twins and the brown goat pictured here is her little buck.  Actually he is quite a chunk and is looking awesome at 3 weeks old!  

So, it has been a mini-LaMancha delight the last couple of weeks and I am so excited to have these beautiful babies!!  


Angie- ALSO's Cakes, Pastries and More said...

Awww!! They are all SO CUTE! Congrats on the new additions. Talk about a full house! :)

Michelle said...

I'm so thrilled you've had a DOE year! I only have ONE lamb this year; fortunately she's a stunning GIRL.

Camryn said...

So exciting. Nothing cuter than "kids". My neighbor just had twin Boher does born. Probably misspelled, to tired to care. Congrats on the smorgasbord of girls

Kristi Z said...

Thanks for stopping by! Oh yes, the kids are a hand full but not as bad as my 9th graders are this year!!

If it's only one at least it's a girl! I miss having lambs:( I haven't bred the sheep in 2 years....maybe next year;)

I so understand's been a really long school year. Dixie sends you a hug!