Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Chickens are a Mess

The chickens have taken it upon themselves to establish a new routine.

When they see me come out of the house and walk onto the deck, they come running up for "treats."
Ok, so I admit that I "occasionally" throw them scraps of whatever I have in the kitchen.  
They, however, have taken the "occasionally" to the "daily" level.
I think the chickens are bullying me.

I was cleaning up in the garden and I saw them stalking me.
I made them this pretty dish of tomatoes.

I hope they like it.
I wonder if they appreciate all that I do for them?
What would they do if I don't give them daily treats......?

Look at them scamper for the treats.
My chickens are a mess.
No, maybe I am a mess..........
What a mess.