Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Basket Fit for a Kitten

Theodore has become a source of entertainment this summer.

Theodore loves to play in this basket.

Sometimes it gets complicated for Theodore in the basket.

He plays works hard to make things right for his kitty little self in the basket.

And when all is worked out, it's a great place for him to take a nap:)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Hay Talk

It's that time of the year.
Getting hay secured for the Fall and winter months.
I need a good 800 bales to get me through late August to May.  Of course, if the grass stays green longer that helps but since there has been no rain, things are drying up fast.  First cutting hay got off late and talk is second cuttings are looking small and the price will be high......barf.  I like seconds for the alpacas and for the goats once they kid and I want to breed about 8 goats this Fall.   
I have learned to network my hay sources;)
I have 3 reliable sources and prices do vary with my sources.  

Source one always has great hay and good prices but he did not cut much last year but he did much more hay this year.
Source two has good hay and averages $5.00 a bale and I have been getting the majority of my hay from him for the past 3 years.
Source three hay is good to okay hay but price is often high but in a panic I can get hay from him. 

Source one has been very good to me so far!! I got nice first cuttings last week.....100 bales at $3.00 and he will hold at least another 300 for me at the same price! He cut that a few weeks ago.  He sent me a text this Wednesday that said,"I just cut seconds and have 79 bales on the wagon that you will take on Friday at $4.00."  No argument from me.  Today I made 2 trips and loaded beautiful 2nd cuttings into my barn.  

Of course, the sampling crew was right there to assist.  I told them this is winter hay and that means hoofs off !  
My big barn can hold 200 bales. I put up, by myself, 179 bales in the past week and a
 half.  Why not 200? Well , cuz I have lots of bags of wool up there taking up hay space:(
  Sigh, so much wool, so little time.
But at least the barn is stocked and that hay won't be touched till the dead of winter. I will put other hay in my smaller barn and use that to feed for now.
Back to school in under a week.......yuck!