Monday, June 1, 2015

A Cardinal Nest Sighting!!

A couple of days ago I noticed a female Cardinal frequenting the small picket garden in the front of the house.  

She was quite "chatty" and appeared very busy.  

She is a pretty girl and getting a picture of her has been quite the challenge.  

Then I noticed a male Cardinal being very attentive in the same garden area.
I have never seen a Cardinal nest in my yard so I was very anxious to find out if there indeed was a nest of new baby Cardinals.

I kept an eye on the male and the female hoping that they would give me a clue about a possible nest of baby Cardinals.

To my surprise and delight, the new family is in the blue spruce right outside of my bedroom window! 

Here is a picture of the baby Cardinals!! Boy, did I have to take a super quick picture of these little babies because Mom and Dad are watching this nest 24/7!! It is so awesome to hear them in the morning as they are calling out to their Mom and Dad. If I hear them being very chatty and loud I am right there checking to make sure my cats are not out there being annoying.

Momma Cardinal is very proud of her little Cardies and I promised her I will do everything I can to protect them:)

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Getting Caught in the Act

It was kind of an embarrassing moment.
I was taking my dogs for a walk around my neighbor's pond after it rained....
when I saw this.

What the.......????
The first thing I thought was "Oh, that's so cute!"

But then I looked closer and the look I got was, "B*#c* what are you looking at?"
Opps, I guess I caught these guys in an intimate moment.

Actually, according to my research (of course being a teacher I  wanted to know what was "really going on") my smart phone informed me this is called "amplexus". This is when the male "hugs" the female and waits for her to lay eggs so he can fertilize them.....ain't that somethin'? 
Learned something new today!
I wanted to ask the male if he preferred older female toads.....I mean he looks kinda 
young.......or maybe she is like a cougar toad.....just sayin';)