Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Thoughtful Gift from a Student

Friday was the last day of school for my students.
Elementary teachers usually get cute gifts from their students. 
High school teachers might get a card.....maybe.  High school students just don't roll that way..... I don't take offense.  I usually get a hug and a "see you next year" or the famous " you are my favorite teacher".......whatever;)
This year I got the most thoughtful gift from Kassidy, one of my favorite ( yes, teachers have favorites) students.

I LOVE IT!!!!!! Totally cracked me up!!!!
My students learn show much from's amazing!!
Kassidy told me I have to grow the cow first and send her pics. Definitely will!
She told me she thought long and hard about what to get me and as soon as she saw this she knew she had stumbled upon the right gift.
Silly girl......I knew she was one of my favorite students for a reason:)