Monday, March 9, 2015

Gardening Hope

Sunday the temperatures broke 40!
It was like a heat wave!

The garden is still covered in snow and I know its better to have a gradual snow melt than melting too fast.  The temps this week will be in the 40's and low 50's.  I promise to be patient......

.....but its hard.  When its sunny and 40ish outside, inside the greenhouse its so warm reaching into the high 50' it felt like 60 degrees inside! 

I tempted myself with some new seeds when I was at the feed store this past weekend.  I am thinking the lettuce will be going in within a week or so.  The "Nest Egg Gourd" seeds I thought would be something fun to plant this year!

Its been a long winter and as I watch the snow gradually melt away,  I am planning out new ideas for the garden.  Its hard not to want to rush things but I know I have to be patient. 
 Patience is not one of my best attributes.....but I am working on it:)
I should probably read all my gardening and seed magazines I got in the mail last month.
Probably should go buy more seeds too.....maybe some new garden pots....definitely buy new garden gloves........oh, and definitely buy new garden boots;) 
Goodness, so much to buy......better get that list going!!