Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Old Timers on the Farm

February 2015 in Northeast Ohio set all kinds of records.
The average temperature was 23.....the coldest since 1875.
A nice little survival fact I can now claim...."I lived through the winter of 2015."
Living through a cold month like that, especially with 9 days of sub zero temps was not without stress.  I constantly worried about the farm animals.  The sheep I knew would be fine but the goats.....

Goats are not big fans of sub zero temps.  Actually for my goats I think 50 is getting too cold for them;)  There were 2 goats that I was truly worried about and I gave them extras all winter.....like grain and they got their own heat bulb all February. 

Cubbie, pictured on the right above, will be 15 years old in April.  He is the love of my life and the very first farm animal I bought.  He is truly amazing and I love him to pieces.  His best buddy JD passed away this Fall. Cubby and JD were the same age and I worried how Cubbie would handle being without JD. 

Cubbie and Briggs, pictured below, buddied up with no problems. Briggs is 11 years old and knows that Cubbie is in charge.

He is trying to look like a tough goat in this picture but he is pathetically laid back😊

They are both Nigerian Dwarf wethers and are the healthiest animals I have ever had!

They have become best buddies and truly kept each other warm all winter.  It warms my heart to know these 2 old timers 
have each other and even though they butt heads over a few pieces of grain, in the end they stick together☺

Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Winter Time Bird Friends

Its come to the point this winter that I am looking for ways to entertain myself in the house.
I can't do anything with the greenhouse.  The ground is frozen solid with at least 8 or more inches of snow on it.  The dogs and cats are just driving me and themselves crazy.  And though my house could be seriously better organized and I could really probably do more cleaning, its just not appealing to me.
So, I watch birds from inside the house.

I have numerous bird feeders around the yard and of course I feed the premium feed with the black oil sunflower in it and the safflower. I also have a couple of suet feeders for the woodpeckers.  

This guy frequents my front yard feeder a lot.  I believe he is a red-bellied woodpecker.  Though if anyone reading knows different, please let me know!

He is very entertaining to watch.......

.......but he is a quick one and I take a ton of pictures just to get a few good ones!

Of course, how can on not love the morning doves?!  

They are so peaceful and serene to watch.
And they make a great clean-up crew for all the seed knocked out of the feeder too.

Of course, a feeder would not be complete without a bunch of house sparrows! 

I caught this morning dove checking out her opportunity to hop down to the feeder below.

I believe this little guy to be a titmouse?

I was taking these pictures from my bedroom window using a zoom lens....I was pretty impressed with myself cuz these little sparrows can be fast little guys when they see the slightest movement.

Wondering if my little bird friends are thinking what I am thinking, 
"Will this winter ever end?"