Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pumpkin recycling on the farm

Now that Thanksgiving has passed and it is officially December, it's time to clear out the collection of pumpkins.

Sweat Pea loves to snack on pumpkins!

Arabelle is a pumpkin pig and does not share well:(

Cole is pretty good about sharing......

Wilmington is one of my favorites and loves to play hugs and scratches but not at pumpkin eating time.

Bennington's big ole' self is laid back.......

.......and always makes sure that every piece is eaten;)

I was explaining to Cole that he had some pumpkin on his face......I think he was annoyed that I was interrupting his pumpkin snacks.
I was lucky to get friends to give me their pumpkins.  Pumpkins are a great natural wormer for the sheep and goats so it's like recycling......might even have a few surprises in the manure pile come spring:)


Jessica said...

They are so cute eating their pumpkins. :)

Kristi Z said...

Jessica....Thank you! I thought so too:)