Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kitties can't go out and play today

"What are you looking at Theodore?"  

 "It's raining outside. You can't go out and play today Theodore."

"Yes, I know I only let you play in the screened in porch.  It's very  windy and chilly and you just got over getting sick so no Theodore, you can't go out and play today."

"No Millie, you can not go out and play either.
 Kitties have to stay in today because it's raining."


Lisa Smith said...

Oh, Theodore and Millie have such expressive faces! If only they knew how lucky they are to be inside, nice and dry and safe. Happy Rainy Day, you sweet kitties!
Warm Regards, Lisa & her kitty Amanda, who is also stuck inside for her own good!

Stephen Andrew said...

My dog was so mad at me yesterday as she was terrible bored inside!

Kristi Z said...

Lisa......I tell them all the time that its a big bad world out there and they are safer inside;) dogs were salty too!!!