Thursday, October 8, 2015

Kitten Update

Theodore and Millie are best kitty buddies now.
It was destined to be.
They bonded instantly.

Theodore is a tad "chunky" according to his vet....opps.
He has a very low grade heart murmur that he will very hopefully out grow.
Theodore had a 106 degree fever last week. Zero clue on what happened.  After a good dose of antibiotics he is back to his playful self.
He is so lovable and every time I think of finding him I give him a hug to know he is safe in my house.

Millie is so silly.

She likes to help me grade papers........

.........but often gets bored with it.
She has tried to kill me twice when she attempts to beat me down the basement steps and I try to miss stepping on her and end up missing a step or two......not funny Millie.
She has jumped in the toilet twice.  I get up. She jumps in.  Sorry, no pics available for this one.

They are inseparable.  They make me laugh and they let me hug them when I need a hug.

Sometimes they drive me crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way:)


Michelle said...

Sweet. :-)

Camryn said...

Glad your Theo is feeling better. I recall reading that cars marked like Millie enjoy water. I know our Maizee does. I think the markings are called "Turkish".

Barb said...

This just makes me happy!

Kristi Z said...

Michelle.....Thank you!

Susan......I will have check that out!

Barb.....Me too!

Lisa Smith said...

Kristi, your kitties are so sweet! It's wonderful that they get along so well. I was a bit worried when you mentioned the basement stairs incident with Millie; I had a similiar situation with my beloved ginger boy Jasper. We were so attached to each other that he didn't seem to recognize we needed to walk separately! He rushed under my feet one time too many, and down we both went. I actually fell on him, breaking his pelvis. It was a horrible experience. He couldn't walk and was dragging himself with his front paws. I was so worried about him that I didn't realize the extent of my own injuries until I tried to get up and walk. (I've had 3 spinal fusion surgeries.) Bless his heart, Jasper trusted me again right away. He healed up and had another 6 years with us; passing away 1 week before his 19th birthday. (Please be careful Millie!)