Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Ride in a Combine

Most people have a bucket list.
I do.
Going for a ride in a big combine is on my list.
I got to check it off this past Sunday.

I bugged my hay guy enough that he caved in.
Ok, he probably just wanted to shut me up but I'll take it.
I got to go for a combine ride.

He said I couldn't ask a lot of questions.
So I asked the most important questions only.

Like do you think Malachai is out there?
My hay guy gave me "the look."
I locked the door.  
Just in case Malachai was out there or just in case my hay guy wanted to push me out for asking 
"dumb" questions.

Farmers get so little credit for what they do.
I find it fascinating to learn more about a way of life that seems to be disappearing from American lands.  Less than 2% of the American population is involved in farming. In the 1780's, it was 95 %. 
So many things wrong with American priorities.

On a lighter note,
  I did impress my hay guy cuz I knew the history of the McCormick reaper.  
I am smart like that.
I thought I would use it as leverage.
I asked if I could drive the combine next time?
My hay guy gave me another " look."

I said  I think that was a "maybe" look.
He said maybe not.
So riding in the combine is checked off the bucket list.
Driving the combine is still on the bucket list.
The combine did not drop me off at my truck.
I had to run walk to my truck.....just in case Malachai was out there.


Camryn said...

To cool. Now you have me wanting to hitch a ride with our neighbor.

Kristi Z said...

Go for it!!! Just watch out for you know who;)