Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How I Got Another Kitten

Before I explain, please understand this was my parents fault.
So how did I got a second kitten?
After I got Theodore, my parents started to possibly think about getting a kitten friend for their very fat, lazy cat Jefferson (seriously, he is like a double wide trailer).
So one night I very innocently was looking on line at kittens for them, not me.
I found 2 very cute white kittens at a local rescue group so I sent them an inquiry about the kittens and then I sent my parents a picture of the kittens next.
Simple as that. 
 I was helping my parents out.
My mom sent me a text back....the kittens were cute but not what they were looking for.
Wtf? Seriously? All that work for nothing. Parents.

The next day I got an email from the organization that the kittens were available.
Now, seriously I wasn't going to send an email back that my parents were cute kitten haters (lol sorry Mom). I had to save face.
So, I decided that the right thing to do would be stop by on the way home because it really wasn't out of my way. 

Traffic of course was a nightmare on the way home so I called the rescue group to see if the kittens were still there.  The nice lady told me one of the kittens just got adopted. What??? How can that be?? Now traffic was really getting on my nerves.  Remember, I was saving face and being late isn't polite. 

When I got to the rescue place and held her, I knew it was love at first site.  She was the cutest kitten there. How could I say I wasn't interested in adopting her?  And what if  I said no, what kind of people would adopt her?  She was beautiful. She curled up right in my arms. It was obvious she loved me.

She was already spayed, her shots all given, and micro chipped. 
All that needed to be done was the paper work and the adoption fee paid.  Good thing I remembered my credit card and I even brought a cat carrier just in case;)   

Its a good thing all worked out because my parents house was in the total opposite direction and it was really late for a school night and I had to get home to feed so heading home was what I had to do.  
Guess the kitten was going home with me....
Welcome to your new home, Little Miss Millie.

ps....I forgot to mention that I am a real sucker for white kittens:)


Barb said...

Welcome to your new home, Little Miss Millie. You are one lucky little girl! (She IS a cutie!!!)

Camryn said...

Awwwwww, she resembles our Maizee. It's fun watching a black tail out in the snow.

Jean said...

Theodore needed a playmate in his age range too!

Stephen Andrew said...

Adorable! Congratulations. It's such a wonderful feeling to rescue an animal in need!

Kristi Z said...

Barb....Seriously, how was I going to let someone else take her! :)

Susan......I LOVE HER markings!! She reminded me of my Linus cat who passed away a few years ago. He was 15. Millie brings that warmth back into my heart:)

Jean......Exactly!! And Millie and Theodore have been tearing up the house with their silly kitty playing!!

Stephen......It does! All of my cats have been rescued in some way, shape, or form. Just so many out there that need to be loved!

Patricia Zifcheck said...

Really.........Blame the parents....you had to "save face"......You really just wanted a playmate for Theodore.....don't make us your scap goat............and what do you mean by Jefferson is a "double wide"? He is just a big cat but if he did happen to roll over on a new kitten.......????

Angie- ALSO's Cakes, Pastries and More said...

I am work- laughing so hard! LOLOL In all fairness...Theodore did need a younger friend... :)

Kristi Z said...

Mom.........Jefferson needs some public shaming . Good grief we need a fork lift to move him!

Angie......I am glad to bring a laugh your way!!! And Theodore is happy to have a buddy!!

Lisa Smith said...

Welcome home Little Miss Millie! Good for you, Kristi! I love a happy adoption story, and it sounds like Theodore is beside himself with happiness! Such a sweetheart she is . . . I love her little "dot" on her forehead. You mentioned that she is already spayed; can they do that so young? (I thought they had to wait until the kitten was 6 months old, or something like that.) I absolutely love your photos of her! The third one, her profile in front of the screen with your white picket fence in the background, is my favorite! Congratulations to you all!

Tammy said...

One word...slippery slope..okay two words! How many are we up to now?? Hmmmmm?? She is a beaut though I will agree there. And we all know I can't talk when it comes to kitty numbers! :-) Enjoy your new sweetie.


Kristi Z said...

Lisa.....most rescue groups spay/neuter them very young but most vets wait till 6 months. Theodore still has his equipment and he is 4 1/2 months but at 6 months his life will be altered;) Thank you for your kind words!!

Tammy....9. I was at 7. I use to be at 13 so I am trying...sort of....I am such a sucker...