Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fall Decorating Ideas from Amish Country

This 86 degree plus weather has been killing me all week.
I am so over this heat. 
 It was a blessing, however, that 3 inches of rain finally fell on Thursday.
The heat is only increasing my desire for autumn days.
I was in need of going down to Amish Country to find some Fall ideas.

Going to Amish Country on a Saturday is usually a big NO because it is always jammed back. My parents and I like to go on Friday days. But since I am back to school sacrifices must be made.  We agreed to head out early.
It was a great day despite the heat.
I thought I would share some Autumn time ideas that I found.

Lots of mums and ceramic pumpkins.

I am loving these pumpkins!

Some more pumpkins.........

........very cute display at a primitive store.  Those big wood pumpkins were priced over $100......not in my price range:(

Cute door ideas for Fall.

Idea overload for Fall!!!
Biggify this one!

This display was over a fireplace mantle.

My mom and I love these primitive dolls so I took a close up pic and texted it to her so she can make me one.....she is crafty like that;)

More cute porch ideas for Fall......

.......need to find an old wheel barrow to do this!

Well, this cute scarecrow is a no brainer to make!
Working on that idea tomorrow!

This painted muslim pumpkin is a cute and I am thinking I could make one!

So back to those ceramic pumpkins......
Yeah, I was able to rationalize paying $34.99 for this handsome guy:)
Got lots of good ideas (and yummy treats) from our trip!
Hope you saw something that gets you in the Autumn Time mood too!!! 

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