Wednesday, August 12, 2015

An Evening Walk to the Manure Pile

This has not been the best summer for my garden.
In all honesty, it was an epic disaster.
The weather was obviously a major factor but I was at fault too.
I did not put down a good layer of manure into the raised beds last Fall nor did I really "prep" the garden in the spring.   Time just got away from me.

My savings grace in the garden disaster is the pumpkin patch growing in the manure pile.
After the Fall season I through a couple pumpkins into the manure pile and hope for the best in the spring.  Thank goodness I got lucky this year!

In the evening the dogs and I take a walk to the manure pile to check out the result of my genius plan.  Ok, it's not "genius" but it sounded good:)

Yep, I have an awesome pumpkin patch growing in the manure pile!
Of course, if you look closely at the picture below, Squirt comes to the manure pile for other reasons.  I tell the dogs it's a manure pile, not a treat pile.....seriously.

It's pretty impressive in my opinion.  I worked really hard to grow it. I threw some old pumpkins into the manure pile and kept piling in more manure;)

Some look like this.......

.........some look like lil' jack-o-lanterns......

......and some pumpkins are looking like this!  Evening walks to the manure pile will help make sure no one, like nosy goats and sheep, are messing with my pumpkins/gourds!  Fall is my favorite season and since the garden is a disaster, this pumpkin patch is putting some fun back into gardening this year!


Sharrie said...

One year I had pumpkin plants grow up in the sheep pastures where I had fed pumpkins the year before. Of course, they never got to the pumpkin bearing stage, but they were nice big plants before they became sheep food. Think I may try your version of gardening for next year.

Kristi Z said... system has worked a couple of times and it's just fun to see what "surprises" come up in the dreaded manure pile :) Thanks for stopping by!!