Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Thinking about Fall......just a little bit

I know it's only the last week of July but it's been really hot this week.....like 90 degrees and I feel the need to complain.....just a little bit.  My body has decided to go into the "change of life" mode, so it might as well be 110 degrees.  And due to this recruiting, my brain actually started to think about Fall.  I know, I am pushing it but I go back to school in under 3 weeks and in all honesty, this summer weather has kinda sucked.  I am not going to go into full blown Fall but I thought a few "Fallish" colors might pacify me.

Orange coneflowers work.

This unknown variety of flower I just bought ( ok, I will be honest, I was to lazy to go outside at 10:30 tonight to look at the tag) has nice autumn colors.

This Fall blooming clematis has really grown out of control this year.....

......she is like clematis gone wild but she will smell awesome when she blooms!

I mounted Theodore's kitty log cabin yesterday and put some bird seed in it.
No visitors yet but I am sure word will get out seeing as I feed the "deluxe" seed with lots of sunflower and safflower in it! The birds need good food with Fall just around the corner:)

And I wonder if the sheep are ready for Fall too..........maybe just a little bit?


Michelle said...

Oh, look how GREEN it is there! Lucky sheep....

Camryn said...

The unknown flower looks like it may be a Denver Daisy.