Saturday, July 18, 2015

Oh no! Bad Kitty!

Well, baby Theodore is settling in and just making his little self at home.
The screened in back porch is where he does his best entertaining.

How can I call him bad kitty when I am laughing at his silliness?
He is so lucky that he is ridiculously cute and I already love him to pieces!


Lisa Smith said...

Sweet, silly Popeye! A kitten can do no wrong! I had to crack up when I saw the last sentence in your Facebook page "About" section: "....& kids are available for sale." I'll bet Popeye is just giddy with happiness and love for his new home and his new mama, and knows that "kid" doesn't apply to him! :-)

Lisa Smith said...

Oops! I'm so sorry, I meant Theodore! =^..^=

Kristi Z said...

Lisa....Thank you to stopping by! Theodore is a breath of fresh air! I have got to get better on using Facebook because I have more "kids" to sell!!

Angie- ALSO's Cakes, Pastries and More said...

Yeah you totally can't tell him bad kitty- since you WATCHED him do it hahahaha