Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Log Cabin for a Kitten

Sometimes when you buy something for one purpose, it ends up serving another purpose and often that other was never on your radar.

For example this past Saturday I went to an Amish School Benefit Auction in Charm, Ohio.  
I have been going there for the past 5 years and for the past 5 years I buy on an average, 4-5 bird feeders/house.  Why?  I figure if I do bad things when I get to Heaven and God questions why I did bad things ( swearing too much of course;) I can at least rationalize it by telling him I fed all of his birds and provided housing for them in the winter:).

Last year I bought my Dad a really cool log cabin mailbox for $25.00 so when I saw this log cabin bird feeder I thought it was cool too. I bid on it and got it for $12.00.  I was pretty excited!  When I got home I put it on the porch because I wanted to put a coat of water proof stain on it before I put it outside.   However, before I could the stain out the log cabin feeder had its first visitor......Theodore.

 See, I never would have thought of it but its been entertaining Theodore all weekend.....ain't that somethin'?

So I guess its a Log Cabin for a Kitten now until he grows out of  it in a month or so.
Silly kitten.


Angie- ALSO's Cakes, Pastries and More said...

OH EM GEE How freaking CUTE is that????? I love it.

Kristi Z said...

Hi Angie! He is taking up a lot of my time because he is so fun to play with! However, he was not a happy camper when I cut his nails yesterday :)

Camryn said...

To darn cute