Monday, June 29, 2015

How Chicken Lake Came to Be

June in Northeast Ohio is finishing up as the 3rd rainiest June in the record books.

There have been a lot of storms that have passed thorough the way too many.
While I may be annoyed, some on the homestead are not.......for example, the chickens.  

The chickens, as usual, are very busy creating a lake.
It was become known as "Chicken Lake".
And while there may be droughts in other states, here the rain has continually kept Chicken Lake filled all month and at the rate the rain is coming I anticipate it to be filled all summer.

Chicken Lake has formed because the girls peck at the ground to get the bird seed that falls from the feeder hanging from the maple tree.  Yes, I do appreciate the fact that the bird seed does not go to waste......

........however, I have filled the "lake" at least 3 times with dirt and to no avail.
I have officially given up.
So, I guess that Chicken Lake is not "man made", its chicken made.
Just another chapter in how the chickens drive me crazy with their silly antics.


Michelle said...

I've NEVER seen a photo of a chicken wading in water. I think you have crazy chickens!

Our June is going down as the hottest and driest on record, thanks to Ohio hogging all the rain. :-/

Camryn said...

Good to fine humor with this wet weather. I am beyond tired of having to wear my tall muck boots just to cross the yard.

Kristi Z said...

Michelle. ....we need to swap weather! My chickens are definitely "special"!

Susan. .....I know!! I have been living in my muck boots...totally sucks:(

Tammy said...

Rain here too. ALL the time it seems. Yesterday a.m. we got 4 inches--this morning another 3.5 inches. Flooding everywhere even in my house/breezeway. Crazy stuff.

Hmmm...are you sure those chickens weren't raised by ducks??? :-) Too funny.

When I was younger our horses dug out a little pond that we called the Horse Pond. Even though the horses have passed on long ago, their little pond resurrects every time it rains.

Take care,