Monday, June 1, 2015

A Cardinal Nest Sighting!!

A couple of days ago I noticed a female Cardinal frequenting the small picket garden in the front of the house.  

She was quite "chatty" and appeared very busy.  

She is a pretty girl and getting a picture of her has been quite the challenge.  

Then I noticed a male Cardinal being very attentive in the same garden area.
I have never seen a Cardinal nest in my yard so I was very anxious to find out if there indeed was a nest of new baby Cardinals.

I kept an eye on the male and the female hoping that they would give me a clue about a possible nest of baby Cardinals.

To my surprise and delight, the new family is in the blue spruce right outside of my bedroom window! 

Here is a picture of the baby Cardinals!! Boy, did I have to take a super quick picture of these little babies because Mom and Dad are watching this nest 24/7!! It is so awesome to hear them in the morning as they are calling out to their Mom and Dad. If I hear them being very chatty and loud I am right there checking to make sure my cats are not out there being annoying.

Momma Cardinal is very proud of her little Cardies and I promised her I will do everything I can to protect them:)


Michelle said...

How exciting! (And GREAT photos!)

Kristi Z said...

Michelle.....great to hear from you!! Thank you! I took ALOT of pics to get a few! Such pretty birds!