Sunday, April 12, 2015

How the Outdoor Cat became the Indoor Cat

This is Jangles.
He is  was  my "outdoor" cat.

He and his buddy Jingles should up at my house around 8 years ago. I started feeding them and provided nice outside lodging for them.  Last year Jingles passed away to cancer.  I didn't want Jangles to be outside by himself this winter so I brought him in early November. 
I forgot I had "Sucker" written on my forehead. 
He has not been outside since early November.
I have talked to him about it.  He ignores me. 
Today I had the sliding door opened just enough so my "indoor cats" could enjoy the warmth and sun in the screened in porch.  I reminded Jangles he was an outdoor cat.
This is where he sat for awhile.  Then he went back inside.
Guess he wasn't interested in the great outdoors let alone being an outdoor cat.

Maybe it wasn't warm enough for him to be outside yet...........


Lisa Smith said...

I'm so glad you brought Jangles inside, Kristi. I used to have an indoor/outdoor cat because I lived in a rural area. But once I realized he would never make it outside (he wouldn't back down from anybody; raccoons, wild turkeys, etc.) I told him he was now an indoor cat. He was very vocal about it (being a Siamese.....) and for one solid month he'd sit in a window and "yowl" periodically. Finally, after about a month he suddenly decided inside was going to work for him after all. He became a true couch potato in his senior years. I hope Jangles has many happy indoor years!

Warm Regards,
Lisa in Oregon

Kristi Z said...

Thanks Lisa for stopping by! I don't think I will be able to push Jangles out....lucky for him he is a good cat...though he does swat my hand when I stopping petting him;)