Saturday, February 21, 2015

Who Isn't Complaining about the Snow & Cold?

To say that this past week's snow and cold has been brutal is, in my opinion, an understatement.
The school district that I work for was closed on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday due to the snow and insane Arctic temperatures that invaded Northeast Ohio.  
On Friday morning my Weatherbug app so kindly pointed out that it was -20 degrees.....that was the actual temperature.  The windchill was -28.  Come again?????
Weather records were being shattered all over the state of Ohio. In 47 years of existence I have never personally felt those temperatures before and since the dogs were not volunteering to feed the barn animals on Friday morning, I knew I had to woman-up and go outside. 
With long johns and shorts on under my coveralls, a turtleneck and flannel shirt on, Carhartt coat, wool socks, boots, 3 pair of mittens, hat, and a scarf wrapped around my face, I bravely opened the door and ventured out into the Arctic Blast.
Of course, I couldn't move really fast cuz I was bundled up like an Oompa Loompa and if I fell down I knew I would be screwed and would never be able to get back up and since the wimpy dogs and cats were still inside and even if they were outside they won't be able to lick my face because they wouldn't be able to find it under all the layers and if they did find my face and licked it then I might get frost bite on my face and........well you get the jest that I am a snow and cold complainer.

However, on that brutal Arctic Blast morning "who isn't complaining about the snow & cold?..... sheep.  
I took 2 pictures that morning just for evidence that I really did go outside.  Amazingly the sun was out and the sky was blue and there sat my sheep, wondering why I was dressed like an Oompa Loompa.  I could hear their snide remarks and chuckles as I began feeding them.

Fast forward to today, and this Saturday morning there was a mini blizzard going on, though it was not nearly as cold and I was able to snap some pictures of the non-complainers without my fingers falling off due to frost bite.

"Chelsea"......she lives to be covered in snow.

"Bethel"........the mouth on the farm.

"Fairlee" go-with-the flow girl who obviously likes eating snow.

"Ethan" biggest buddy....he is on the right....
that's Chelsea on the left, probably stating why this should be the year of the sheep. 

"Betsy"......the matriarch of the sheep 10 years old, I am convinced she still hates me.

"Autumn"......grain girl crazy.

"Danby"......believes he should live on the other side of the fence. 

"Putney".....a youngster who believes life is all about eating and eating more.

"Abby"......big mouth, grain pig, gate dasher extraordinaire. 

"Nieves"........goof ball, scaredy cat alpaca.
("nieves" means snow in Spanish)

This is just a small line-up of who isn't complaining about the snow and cold.
I give them credit.  They embrace the snow and cold.  They suck it up and never complain. 
However, me and my Oompa Loompa self are done with winter.
Winter can not leave fast enough.  Snowmen are not cute anymore.  I packed their smiling little faces up and put them in the attic.
I do have to admit though, the Year of the Sheep has definitely come in strong:) 


Lisa Smith said...

Hi Kristi,
I just found your blog today, and I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading about your sheep and seeing your wonderful photographs of them. I am so impressed that you can do everything you do with the demanding career you have. Teachers are, as Oprah used to frequently say on her show, our children's greatest resource."
Warm Regards, Lisa

Kristi Z said...

Thank you for visiting and your kind words! Its always uplifting to know that my words and sheep touch others! Please stop back in the future!

Sharrie said...

In Wisconsin, we have just gotten the terrible cold spells. Our snow depth is nothing like you guys have gotten to the east of us. BUT....we have the same feelings about winter. We want it to be GONE!! Except for the Shetlands. They just go their merry way. I think the donkey is ready for spring, but he is being a real trouper. Can't believe how much school is cancelled in the last few years. We never had than many snow days in all the years I taught. AND I hear you about the lack of respect for the social studies classes. Hang in there!!

Kristi Z said...

Wonderful to hear from you! We have had 5 snow days this year...last year we had 8! Kids are more fragile now-a-days😭lol Maybe one day some one higher up in education will realize how much ELA stuff social studies teachers do in the classroom...I won't hold my breath of course!