Monday, February 23, 2015

Playing Find the Squirrel

It was another brutally cold morning....windchill was kicking in at -16.  ( I didn't have school again.  So The average high is suppose to be 40 degrees on this of this writing it is 5 degrees....I don't think its going to make it to 40 might get to 30 by Saturday....fingers and paws crossed.
So Dixie and Meesha have a lot of energy and sometimes it gets really bottled up when they are stuck in the house on these Arctic days.  When I opened the back door today my blue merle girls went flying out like dogs gone wild. With nothing better to do I grabbed my camera to take some pics of the girls. As luck would have it and much to the girls delight, the resident squirrel was out too!

Yep, he was at the bird feeder in this tree.....

......Dixie says, "No,  the squirrel is in the other maple tree."

......Meesha says, "No, he is in this tree."

Dixie says, "Are you sure cuz I think he is in this tree."

Meesha, " Nope, I am positive he is up here in this tree."

" Yep, I see him now!!"

And with a little luck the zoom on the camera wasn't frozen and I saw the squirrel too!
Either he is really cold or scared shit less!

Dixie, "Oh, yeah I see him now!" 

Meesha, " You think he is going to come down and play Dixie?"
Dixie, " Maybe, maybe not....probably not right now....maybe later. He knows we got him treed."

"Okay, then can we go inside now cuz I am getting tired of playing squirrel and its pretty cold out here!" 

Smart Meesha;)

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jen said...

I din't know squirrels lived out in your neck of the woods! I bet Dixie was in heaven! It cracks me up how she is always so focused on them over at your parents house :) Now get back to school!