Thursday, February 19, 2015

215 Reasons Why I Haven't Blogged

So the last time I posted I was talking about Halloween 4 months ago....pretty pathetic.
But in all honesty  I have 215 reasons why I haven't blogged.
Its not that I don't want to......I just can't find the time nor can I stay awake long enough at night to even write something let alone take some pictures.......I think I said that backwards?
So what are my 215 reasons for not blogging?

Yes, that is the number of students I am reasonable for teaching everyday.
That would be 215 9th grade World History students.
That breaks down to an average of 38 students per class.
Am I complaining?
Yes. Yes I am complaining.
Because it is ridiculous. 
 And included in those numbers are 25 students on IEP's.
I am the only history teacher in the 9th grade, all other core subjects have 2 teachers.
Guess history doesn't reflection on the state of the US today and teenagers
....yes, I am being sarcastic. 

The politics of education and the over testing of students has honestly taken away the passion I use to have for teaching. There is a lot more I could say about it but I will refrain from it.   I think 215 students for one teacher speaks volumes.  
Everyday I think more and more about how much I want to be at home and make something more of the small farm I have. 

It is the year of the sheep and in the Chinese Zodiac I am a sheep.
I look to this year to give me hope...maybe a sign....a direction.
I once heard these words in a movie: "Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone."
Teaching has been my comfort zone for 22 years..........sometimes change is good.


Michelle said...

Kristi, I cannot believe your load! I have ONE son I try to homeschool along with working two part-time jobs, chores, etc., and too often I feel overwhelmed. I wish for you something better . . . but worry about those 215 students who may not get a good history teacher if you leave . . . .

Kristi Z said...

Hi Michelle!
It is mentally exhausting and then add on the fact that I am in a large urban school district with 90% of the students at the poverty level, it just gets to be overwhelming. I love teaching history and if I could just be a teacher then it would be a different story. But it's not a perfect world and education is a mess in the public schools. So talking to sheep is my therapy😊

Camryn said...

215 is not humane. If it makes you feel better my Marine Officer SIL is a huge History buff. I'm sure he had someone like you in his life at one time. Ivy sends hugs to her cuz Daisy.

Kristi Z said...

Hey Susan!
You are alive!! You did mean "Dixie" right? LOL Give Ivy a hug.....maybe this summer you guys can come and visit us!!!

Tyche's Minder said...

Hey, I just found you. I really enjoyed your two recent posts. I'm also in freakin' freezing Ohio, have a bunch of sheep, and want passionately to get out of my day job (which involves, among other things, teaching far too many college students things they don't care about) so that I can move somewhere warmer and hang out with my sheep. Don't stop writing. :)

Kristi Z said...

Tyche Minder,
Welcome and thank you for stopping by! So teaching doesn't get better in college? I was thinking that could be my next