Friday, October 31, 2014

How I Scared Myself on Halloween

Today I scared myself......seriously.
Okay it started off in the morning.  Its so flippin' dark out when I am feeding the animals at 5:45 am so sometimes I do stupid things in the dark when I can't see.  Like pulling a bale of hay down and not realizing the one next to it is a tad higher so when I yanked the one I wanted, the other came down too and hit me in the face.....awesome.  Even more awesome was when I got into the house 30 minutes later and looked in the mirror I had blood on my face and a nice one inch scratch on my cheek.......perfect for Halloween, no make-up required.
So, it got better when I got to school.
I am in charge of the morning PA announcements.  Every day I play a one minute music clip at the end of the announcements.....its my personal way of getting back at the kids:) 
Of course, today was Halloween so I had to pick the best Halloween song ever.
Yep........... I picked the one and only.......
...........Michael Jackson's "Thriller"!!
I thought I would give the students some trivia facts on the song before I played it.
You know, cause the music these kids listen to today is so lame;)
The first fact........the biggest selling album ever......yep I bought it!
Second aired on December 2nd, 1983.......come again?
That would be like 31 years ago!
How can that possibly be 31 years ago?
I remember watching that video like it was yesterday, not 31 years ago!
I can not possibly be that old.  I was 15 years old when that video
PS.......When the kids asked where I got the scratch mark on my face this morning, I told them I got attacked by the Grim Reaper in the barn and I won.....these kids today believe anything;)