Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Table Top Dancing Goat

This is Nelly.
A yearling LaMancha who was a bottle baby.  She lived in my house for the first 8 weeks of her life.
She even went to school with me so she could be bottle fed every couple of hours when she was first born.
Nelly is also a mom because she knows how to jump every fence on my property and she jumped right in with the 3 adult bucks.  Her daughter was a bottle baby this past spring because Nelly had no intentions of being a mom.....grain, fence jumping, and tree leaves are Nelly's only concerns in life.
To sum it up.....Nelly's goal in life is to drive me crazy.......and she does it on a daily basis.

Nelly using perfect posture to reach the willow leaves.

Nelly almost loosing her balance trying to get the willow leaves.

Nelly beating up the willow tree because she is pissed off because she is not getting the leaves she wants.

Nelly moving to the old picnic table to get a better advantage on willow leaves.

Nelly's perfect standing posture even as she stands on the table.
I know, I should give her props on being smart enough to use the table to achieve her goal.
However, her creative and smarts is beyond words.
Nothing she does surprises me any more and believe me, she has pulled some good ones on me.

Nelly in action......what a total goof.

And Nelly doing table top dancing........
Ain't she somethin"?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy 40th Birthday to My Little Sister!!!

Dear Sister Jen,
Where has time gone?  Wasn't it just yesterday that you were this little rolly polly little baby that I waited 7 years for?  I was so excited when I heard I was going to get a sister!!!

Now I will be honest that I use to count presents to make sure there was equal distribution of Christmas gifts when you were little and now that we both are in our 40's  I still count to make sure we get equal amounts of presents.......but seriously, mom better not stop giving us Christmas stockings!

And when you were little you use to want to always help me with everything and I was patient and loved to play with you until you figured out how to open my bedroom door and then the lock had to go on cuz you were NOT cutting my Barbie dolls hair and putting Vaseline on my teddy bears!

And then there was the teenage years and we just were not on the same page.....there is just not enough space to discuss the clothes you secretly stole from me, the hair issues you had and I could not get into the bathroom, and then the trip to Walt Disney World and Ron Jon's Surf Shop.....but we survived and we can laugh about it now.

You were right by my side the day I got married........and you were right by my side when I got divorced.....couldn't find a picture for that one for some!

You fell in love with those darn Newfies like I did and nothing made me happier when I was able to give you your first love......Thunder.  This has always been one of my most favorite pictures of you by the way;)

And I had to laugh when you got your first brown Newfie because I told you "they" were a tad left of center than the other Newfies! 
I bought you those pink coveralls and coat to keep you warm (and cuz I am still a better dresser than you;) because I, as your older sister will always watch out for you.
Time has gone so fast and to think my little sister is turning 40 is hard to believe.
I want you to know how proud I am of you.
That I will always be there for you regardless if you are in a crabby mood.
I will continue to do the little things that irritate you because that's what a good sister does;)
Your daddy's little girl and that's ok .....keep sucking up cuz I am mom's right hand B.

So on this very special July 2nd birthday when you turn the big 40.......

Your big sis....Kristi