Thursday, June 12, 2014

Taking my dogs..... and goat for a walk

The dogs love to go for an evening walk around the property....... does Reece.  Reece is a 3 month old LaMancha who was bottle raised and lived in the house for 2 months. Moving to the barn was like culture shock so I still tend to her "other" way of life like taking her for doggie walks.

The only problem is she is really a slow walker.....There 
is alot to eat.....each bush has to get a nibble.

Wild blackberry is a personal favorite of hers:)

Each blade of grass also has to be tasted because each one is truly different.  Messha does not have a lot of patience for Reece and her blades of grass.

Dixie, on the other hand, is willing to wait patiently....actually she is resting cuz the rabbit she was chasing got the best of her and escaped under the fence;)
Each evening walk brings a smile to my face as the silly antics play out....its always something new:)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ewe Butts!!!

Lambs are truly the cutest animals to watch as they explore their surroundings.
Of course getting the "perfect"  lamb shot is a challenge because every time you get close enough, its time for the lamb to move on to the next curiosity. 

Pawlett's two ewe lambs were out exploring  the other day so I tagged along with my cell phone was too much to go and get my serious camera;)

They, of course, were playing " I won't look at you" ......whatever.
I got this really cute lamb butt shot!
Ewe girls think their so smart;)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dinosaurs' in My Garden

The other day I had a Snapple's for lunch.

This is my Real Fact......quite interesting.
  I didn't know that chickens were related to dinosaurs.
Never really thought about it.

These are my Tyrannosaurs Rexes in my garden.
Huh.....ain't that somethin'?