Monday, April 28, 2014

Shearing Day Goes Down Under

Shearing of the most stressful days of the year.
The week before shearing I start watching the weather like an obsessed crazy woman.
I think I refreshed my Weather Bug & Weather Channel apps on my phone a million times.
Of course, it rained on Friday but Saturday was looking promising.
I will spare you all the swearing that went on Saturday morning while I was penning up the sheep & keeping the annoying goats out of the business......I will however, give myself props on my creativity in using swear words;)

This year was different because I had to have the alpacas sheared.....a first time for me and a first time for 3 of them.  My regular shearer does not shear alpacas so I needed to find someone.  Life was good to me as the place I purchased my alpacas from, Magical Farms, arranged to have their shearers come to my place and shear my alpacas and my sheep!

This was truly a treat because Magical Farms flies their shearers in from Australia so to have professional shearers from down under at my place was pretty cool! Kevin & Amanda are from West Australia.  Kevin can shear up to 100 alpacas a day and there are over 900 alpacas at Magical Farms!!  In addition to shearing, Amanda grades wool at a college ext. program in Australia.  It was interesting to listen to her and have insight on the fiber/wool that I have.

We all agreed that Alama' has the most interesting look under all of his fiber....gotta love all those spots!!! It was fun listening to Amanda call the sheep and alpacas "Mates" when she was reassurring them that things were going to be okay during shearing!
All in all it was a great day and Kevin & Amanda said they would come back next year to shear for me!  Thank goodness none of the animals acted like spoiled brats.....well, maybe one did........maybe two at most...... :)