Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Lambs!! Cotswold/Shetland Ewe Lambs!!

Life has been crazy in my realm of the world!
Lots of babies being much to catch up on.
I have been trying to use my facebook for the farm more and getting more up to speed with social media.....I even have a "KIK" now thanks to my students!
Anyways, I wanted to share these lamb photos.  Addison, a black Cotswold/Shetland cross was bred by Milton, a black purebred Shetland.  These are the adorable twin ewe lambs she delivered on Saturday morning!

I was really surprised to see how much they look like purebred Shetlands! 
It  will be interesting to see what characteristics the wool takes on.
Addison is a first time mom and she is doing a great job with  her girls!
I will be  posting more as I have lots of babies and many to offer for sale!!