Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How I Rate this Winter

I rate how bad a winter is by how many times I have to have my driveway plowed out.
My driveway is a 700 foot  straight shot down from the road. 
It has a little curve as it comes down to my house.
The driveway has been plowed out 5 times this winter.....meaning there was no flipping way I was going to get out without it being plowed out.

This. Winter. Sucks.

Today was the 8th snow day for the school district that I teach in.
While I am not sad about this, I have to admit I have like barely any grades because it has been a struggle to start and finish a topic without a weather interruption.
Dixie and Meesha however, don't mind me being home because they get extra playtime outside.

My poor little statue sheep have been buried in the snow all winter..........

.........and then there are some sheep who are so "fluffy" that I don't think they could possibly get buried in the snow......Abby has no shame. 
On a positive note......there are 30 days till spring as of today!