Wednesday, October 1, 2014

There is a Squirrel in My Yard

I have lived at my home for 21 years.  
In 21 years there has never been a squirrel in my yard.  Honestly.
Until now.

A few weeks ago I was telling my neighbor about this silly squirrel who is hanging out at the bird feeder and how there has never been a squirrel in my yard and who is totally driving my dogs and his dog crazy ( I babysit his dog a lot cuz he works late).  My neighbor proceeds to tell me he thinks he brought it home in his work truck.  What??????
Apparently he came home from work and when he was unloading the truck this squirrel jumped off the truck.  Seriously????

So now this squirrel is my problem.  See my neighbor is single and more interested in finding a new girlfriend and playing with his boats so the new resident squirrel is not high on his priority and responsibility list.

Good thing I am a total sucker and was at this craft show last weekend and bought this cute metal squirrel feeder for this stinker to entertain his squirrely lil' self. 
So I spent $20 to buy this feeder plus $6 for a bag of corn when there is a huge free pin oak tree loaded with acorns in my yard.
He better not get hit by a car in the street or I am really going to be pissed after I spent all this money on him;)  


Angie- ALSO's Cakes, Pastries and More said...

Nothing like a hitchiking squirrel LOL That feeder looks really cool!!!

Camryn said...

We moved from squirrel land to never see one. I kind of is the little buggars

Kristi Z said...

Good point on the hitch hiker! I need to watch my back now!!!

Poor Dixie is loosing it.....she refuses to leave a tree once she knows its upper there....she's like a dog possessed!

Michelle said...

Kristi, you are hilarious!