Monday, August 11, 2014

Question on Shetland Ram Lamb Markings

Pictured below is one of the eleven ram lambs born this past spring.  He is my pick ram lamb and will be staying here for future breedings. His tail is not "perfect" according to the Shetland standards but in my opinion he has more positive characteristics that override the tail for me.

His personality thus far is awesome! I know you are not suppose to be "friendly" with the ram lambs but he is making it hard to resist him;).  His mom is Ag and his sire, aka Milton,  is  black, single coated, and more on the fine fleece spectrum.  I like wool that is longer in staple so I am pleased with the wool he has.

However, I do admit that I am not good at pin pointing Shetland colors and markings. So since I will be registering some of the lambs in the next few weeks, any insights are greatly appreciated!!
I was thinking a fawn, spotted gulmoget? Are the eye markings yuglet? HST ?
Thanks for reading and any suggestions!!!!!!


Tammy said...

He is lovely. Tail isn't bad at all. I'm a little rusty, but I think I'd call him a smirslet (Blaze), Sokket (white legs) Fawn. If his eye patches were surrounded completely by white he would be a yuglet, but it looks like the color goes up to his ears?

Kristi Z said...

Thanks for your suggestions! Eye color does go up to the ears. I was thinking gulmoget because he has a dark fawn color with a much lighter fawn on his chest & underside. Its hard to see because of the angle he is standing at. I know some individuals don't care for the Ag but I like it & the wool texture. Thanks for stopping by and offering insight!!