Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hornet Nests in My Trees

This maple tree is in my front yard.
I can not even count how many times I have walked under the tree this summer.

I mowed the grass around it.  I have a small bird feeder in there that I fill. My cats sit under the tree for shade.  I just trimmed a bunch of branches out on the lower level.  Its a popular tree in the yard.  The other day my parents and aunt and uncle stopped over.  
Within a half hour of being there, my uncle pointed to that same maple tree and said, "Hey, did you see that huge wasp nest in your tree?"
"Really? Where?" was my response.  I was shocked to see a huge nest hanging in one of the lower branches. How I missed it is beyond me but it definitely was active and HUGE.   Later that evening I called my neighbor over to show him the nest.  As he was walking up toward the tree he pointed and said, "Wow that is a huge nest!"  He was not pointing to the nest I was going to show him.....what the heck?!?!? Another one?!?! 

I have provided a diagram of the nests.  One became two and then as my neighbor and I were talking, I noticed another one!!! THREE!!!!

Those hornets are slick.  The nest are hard to spot in the leaves.  Last year I had one in the same tree.  It was really high in the tree and I could not get to it.  Thank goodness the winter was brutal and the winds knocked the sucker down.

This nest I sprayed the crap out of last night.   This morning, I cut it down and burned it. I know some people actually buy these nests.  I just want them gone.  Tomorrow night I will get the next one.  
Any suggestions on why the hornets are attracted to this particular tree or is it just a freak thing?
I just can't believe I never noticed these and then saw 3 of them!  Yuck!

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Camryn said...

Scary big time. Be careful, perhaps have the X take care of it ��