Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ewes with Attitude

So, this spring 19 lambs were born.  Only 6 were ewes, the rest ram lambs....ugh.
This was the largest amount of lambs I have ever had born on the farm. 
 They are driving me crazy....little escape artists.....playing catch-me-if-you-can.....whatever.
Wooly little stinkers.

Pictured above is Pawlett.  Okay, I admit, she is a favorite.  Her mother Betsy is the matriarch on the farm and the most stubborn sheep I have......stomps her foot at me whenever I get in "her way" and personal contact is beneath is the world according to Betsy.  Final answer.
Pawlett, however, has always been friendly, loving skin scratches, coming up for hugs and grain.
I was so thankful she was not like her mother.
Then she became a mom for the first time.
  I have become a mire after thought.
The only thing that matters are those twin ewe lambs.
Pawlett is 99% zoned into those girls ( 1% is devoted to her grain time ).
She will not go anywhere if she can not see those girls and she will not shut up if she is calling for them and they are ignoring her. They are inseparable. 

Daughter #1

Daughter #2
Spoiled rotten wooly lambs.  They are lucky they are so awesome.
At this point selling them is not an option according to Pawlett.
I think stomping her foot at me is not the only thing she would do to me if I sold them.
 Ewes with attitude......I don't think the farm is big enough for all of us;)


Barb said...

Pawlett looks just like my Juniper! She sure had some lovely lambs. That is the one reason I don't have babies here.........I WOULD NOT be able to part with any of them.....Not. A. One. The reason I have 4 new sheep now is because the lady I helped with her shearing was sending them off to market. My heart broke, tears came to my eyes, I temporarily forgot I no longer have an income and I said I will take those four! As I have said before.....I am hopeless....but I am loving my wee flock! :0)

Michelle said...

Oh, but I WAAAANT daughter #2!!! Out of polled stock, right? Can you get her to Garrett by September? He's coming this way that month!

Kristi Z said...

Barb.....did I miss that post on your new sheep?!?! I can't wait to see them! All the ewes are nice this year....wasn't planning on having all these lambs but I was pleased at what was produced!

Michelle.....she is out of polled stock! Pawlett is actually a Jed grand daughter and the ewe lambs sire, aka Milton, has small scours and is definitely in the single/fine fleece category. Her only fault is her tail:( its on the long
side....her sister got the perfect Shetland tail. I think Garrett is in MN......?

Michelle said...

Yes, Garret is in MN; don't know if he'll be out your way for dog shows or whatever before heading to the NW or not. I sure like the looks of that girl, but would like a good tail, too. (My best ewe lamb this year has a long one, too; I don't want to make it a flock trait!) As for her sister, I would rather not have any Ag (grey/musket) ewes, as my ram is Ag. Let me know if you have any other likely candidates!