Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How I Ran Over My Dog & We Both Lived to Tell About

Five weeks ago my worst nightmare came true.
I ran one of my pets children over with my truck.
It was a Saturday afternoon. I had gotten a load of 40 bales of hay and had backed my truck up to unload it. I got out of the truck. Went in the house to go to the bathroom then let the dogs out. I noticed that the angle of the truck, a big Dodge Ram, was not where I needed it so I decided to move it. I glanced at the deck and saw the dogs sitting on the deck so I jumped in the truck to pull it forward.  I had not even moved 5 feet when I heard a  cry from under the truck. My life stopped at that moment. I was terrified as I threw the truck into park, turned it off, & jumped out. I knew it was Squirt. I knew it as soon as I heard the cry.  How had I missed that? Why didn't I look under the truck like I always do? 
 I assumed seeing the dogs on the deck, he was there too.

He was lying under the truck on his side trying to move, scared, and crying. I crawled under the truck to pull him out.  I was in a total panic. When I got him out, he could not stand and just fell over. Grass stains were on his shoulder.  I knew if I would have run him over with the tire of the truck he never would have made it, the weight of the truck plus all the hay.....nightmare.  I ran into the house to call the vet.  I was at the vet within 15 minutes.  My blessings that I worked at the vet for 7 years.  The vet and I figure Squirt got rolled under the truck, hence the grass stains and the pain of not being able to stand plus he had a fracture in his right front leg.  After a full examination, x-rays, and pain meds and instructions for me, I took my 13 year old boy home.  It took him a good week to get use to the splint and by then he had me wrapped around his paw and was milking me for everything.....and that was ok because I still had him and thanked God every day for that.

Of course, the other children knew something had happened and helped to consul Squirt. 
"Squirt, it could have been worse.  She ran me over when I was 10 weeks old, it was so bad the vet had to amputate my leg, the same leg that she fractured on you, " Simon sympathetically explained to Squirt.

"SIMON!!!!!!! You know that is a lie!  I saved you at the vet!! You were brought into the vet to be euthanized because you fell out of a barn loft and the people didn't want to spend money on you! I cared for you and amputation was the only solution for your leg!"  I sternly yelled back.
Simon smirked, "I know, I just wanted to F with you and make you feel worse.  You know Squirt can't hear that well, poor guy probably didn't even hear the truck......he never had a chance."
"SIMON!!!! For 15 years old, you are being a cat punk!!" I pointed out. 

"Yeah, I senior pets gotta milk the system when we can....just looking out for my buddy Squirt....poor guy even has the start of a cataract in his right eye, hard time seeing and you run him over......" says Simon.

It has been a long 5 weeks but I am extremely HAPPY to report that Squirt got his splint off today and everything is looking VERY GOOD!!!  My guilt will never go away and he only clocked me once in the face with his splint when we were sleeping in bed.......I deserved it.  
I hug him every day because I love him and thank the heavens that he is still here with me:)


Michelle said...

Oh Kristi, you've got to be black and blue from beating yourself up! I'm so glad he's okay.

Angie- ALSO's Cakes, Pastries and More said...

Oh Wow!! =( What a traumatic experience for the two of you!! I am sorry, but glad this story has a happy ending! (Smart A$$ cat included haha)

Kristi Z said...

I was pretty black and blue ....and I will ALWAYS look under the truck now! Thanks for stopping by!

Too traumatic! It was a long 5 weeks...he is now getting use to not having the splint so I still beckon to his every need; ) And yes my cats are smart mouths....not a reflection of their own of course:)

jen said...

My heart broke for you when you called and told me this because I know how much you love Squirtie and all your furry children!I'm so glad he is doing good and Simon is a punk!

Tammy said...

This made me tear up. I know how you would feel and our babies are precious to us, even more so when they become older and fragile. I'm so glad Squirt is okay, for both your sakes!

I ran over one of our kitties when I was still home and have never gotten over the horror of that. (He didn't make it).


Barb said...

Oh My....hugs to both of you. I would have felt the same way. Heck.....I even apologized to a mouse that got caught in a trap but didn't die. I had to put a paper towel over its head and use a rubber mallet on his wee head to put him out of his misery. I kept saying, "I'm so sorry!". So, if it had been one of my "children" I would've been right there with you. So glad things turned out well.

Kristi Z said...

Thank you sister....hugs:)

Thanks for your kind words.....we try to protect them from everything. goes so fast & just slowing down sometimes would make a world of difference.

Hugs back to you:) Thanks....I good hug goes a long way....human or animal!

Camryn said...

So glad Squirt is OK. Can't even imagine the horror felt. Give Squirt extra hugs from us.

Kristi Z said...

Hugs were given & a treat too! Thanks Susan for thinking of us:)