Tuesday, April 15, 2014

For the Love of a Baby Goat

Last Friday night one of my young LaMancha doe's gave birth to a little, little doe.  This little doe became a bottle baby.  I took her to school with me all last week and my 9th graders just loved her to pieces. She has been living in the house and will be doing so till she gets bigger.....of course this means she will be a spoiled goat.....ok, she already is.
She has taken a particular liking to Rerun, my 14 year old beagle.  She follows him around everywhere, inside or outside.  

She really likes to sleep next to him on his pillow.

Remember, Rerun is 14.....he is not into sharing.

Beagles are very set in their old dog ways.
It does not matter if its a cute 12 day old baby goat

But I guess sometimes even an old dog has to give in and be a softie.
Must be that baby goat love rubbin' off.
Nothin' like taking a nap with a new buddy:)


Barb said...

Does your little doeling have a name yet. She sure is a cutie and getting the best attention ever!!!

My wee chicks are the ones that they had on hand at Tractor Supply in town. I had specific breeds in mind but didn't want to order 25 of them. So these girls are Hampshire Reds, Black Australorps and Black Sex Links. I already have a few Autralorps and they are great. I am looking forward to seeing how these other two breeds do here.

jen said...

I bet Rerun is loving the company! I can hear him howling from here:)

Camryn said...

She's adorable. I think you should probably allow Rerun to do the naming ;)