Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Rolling in the Arctic Blast!!

It was -13 at 6:30 am today, Tuesday, January 28th 2014. 
The wind chill made it feel like -23.
It was like a frozen tundra outside.
Today was the 3rd snow day in a row for no school.  So sad:(
Not really. I just thought I should say that because I am a teacher.
I have not left my house since Friday nor have I even gone up my 800 foot driveway to get the mail.
How pathetic of me.
The beautiful blue sky was very deceiving today.  Some places in Northeast Ohio got to experience a rare meteorological phenomenon called snow rollers.........

I found some snow rollers in the back pasture!  They are like large snowballs that form when pieces of snow are blown across the ground by wind and pick up material as they go along....kinda like rolling up a snowball for a snowman. Pretty cool! This one was the largest one in the pasture!

Monique was probably wondering why I was a laying in the snow taking pictures and freezing my fingers off......just havin' some good olde' fashion winter fun!!

Perhaps the sheep were looking for some rays of sun to warm up.....notice no goats were present because they are not having any of this arctic weather and have taken up residence in the barn till further notice!

Rutland: "What is all this whining about cold temps? Good grief this is perfect sheep weather!! Suck it up and put on a wool sweater!"

Colechester: "This weather is flipping awesome! We are even getting extra hay! The colder it gets, the more food we get!  Bring it on!!!"

Even the sun today didn't offer any warmth in the greenhouse:( 
The seed catalogs are coming in the mail so there has to be hope out there somewhere!
Just saw that our school district will be closed on Wednesday......that makes 4 snow days in a row.
I wonder if my students miss me?
Heck no, they are 9th graders!
I am feeling stressed that we will probably have to go back to school on Thursday......
I might have to take a sick day if I get too stressed out;)


Camryn said...

We had rollers too. My husband & son both thought me crazy when I told them there were "jelly rolls" everywhere. Course they aren't outside at the butt crack of dawn to seem them freshly made either. They did realize later I wasn't hallucinating

Kristi Z said...

Hey my dad said the same thing! So much is missed when you sleep past 5 in the morning!!