Sunday, January 26, 2014

Having A Few Drinks on the Farm is Okay

Sometimes when I get new "additions" to the farm or when new babies are born on the farm it takes awhile to figure out what their names should be.  Their personalities need to develop and how they interact with me are factors that I consider before I give them a name. Sometimes the names even come from experiences I have had if life. When the new Huacaya crias came to the farm just recently I was really stuck on what to name them. Nothing was sticking out. 
Pictured above is "Scotchy".  He was a bottle cria at Magical Farms and he was named after his mom who's name was "Butterscotch".  He is small, insanely loveable and adorable and his name just kinda stuck with him.
I like to stick with themes when I name the animals.  A candy theme was not really working for me.  First of all, I am not a big candy eater and secondly, candy themes are just corny for me. So what  about taking  "Scotchy" in a liquor direction? 
Okay that works but I am not a "drinker" per say.  The last time I seriously drank was at my sister's wedding 13 years ago.  I jammed the majority of my good drinking years in before I was legal to drink and then when I was legal to drink I didn't drink like a lush......sigh.....too be young again.
So where do I begin to find some good liquor names was my dilemma?  Oh, the liquor store of course.  First I had to find a liquor store and when I found one, wasn't I surprised to see how much liquor there is in the world as I walked the aisles in the state liquor store.  It was actually quite comical on my behalf.  So many pretty bottles.....and so I was, however, drawn to all the awesome flavors of vodka and I couldn't help but buy a pretty blue bottle of Pinnacle Cinnabon Vodka.  Doesn't that just sound yummy?!?!  I haven't had any yet, though after this Arctic Blast this week, I may be busting open that bottle to warm myself up.
So, back to naming the crias.......yeah I didn't find any "white" liquor to name the white cria.

So what about mixed drink names? Good idea again but my knowledge & drinking experience is limited again. I am more of a wine cooler woman, mostly in the summer.  Though I do know what a"White Russian" is but that wasn't working cuz alpacas are not of Russian origins, just sayin.  So, I did the most intelligent thing......I asked fellow colleagues at school and within minutes I had a list of names for white mixed drinks.   I know.....shame on me.  But seriously....shame on them for knowing so many!!!!  The female security guard who is Hispanic suggested the name "Coquito". Of course she had to explain it to me and make me say it correctly with the right accent (she is Puerto Rican and she says I have the worst accent when trying to speak Spanish....whatever;). I loved it!!  Coquito is not a liquor but it is a white drink and made with rum and it fit perfectly!

That last alpaca to be named was actually the funniest to name.  Lets go back to January 3rd when the Northeast Ohio got slammed with a snowstorm that blew in from the North and those Northern winds totally wrecked havoc on the farm, creating insane drifts around the barns and making my 800 foot driveway impassable and the propane truck was suppose to come on the 4th. I was flipped out, stressed out, and had to call a good friend to come over with his big tractor and bucket to plow me out.  I got to drive in the tractor as he plowed out the drive & he said he and his wife would be over at 8 that night to take me out to have a drink cuz I was wound a tad tight.....I thought that was a very good idea.  The local bar, a good sandwich, and later 6 shots of this insanely good rumchata stuff and I was a happy camper that night.   Rumchata is good and even better in hot chocolate!  Even went back to the liquor store for a bottle! Exactly I making some Rumchata cupcakes this weekend for the Superbowl.  Oh, did I mention that I now had the name for my last cria?  See, I had to find some personal connection to naming the crias!

"Scotchy, Rumchata, & Coquito"
See, so having a few drinks on the farm really isn't that bad at all;)
Please read responsibly!


Angie- ALSO's Cakes, Pastries and More said...

I look at them and think "I would just love to pet you fluffy animals. ALL. DAY. LONG. Then crochet a blanket when your get sheared" HAHAHA

Jean said...

All cute and cuddly looking! My favorite is Rumchata -- might have to visit the liquor store for some of that!

Camryn said...

Judging by their smiles I'd have to say they all like their names. They are beyond cute :)

Kristi Z said...

You are welcome to come out this summer and meet the crew! Scotchy is too have to meet him! Then you can teach me how to crochet;)

Thank you for stopping by and definitely give rumchata a try!

You need to come out so Ivy and Dixie can have a play date and you can meet the crew!

jen said...

Finally you're getting on board. It took you long enough!

I'll be coming over in the Spring, maybe summer to see them again :)

David Miller said...

Rumchatta and Jack Daniels (Honey) - It's called a Honey Badger. One of my favorites! Try it, you won't regret it!