Monday, August 12, 2013

Blue Ribbon Goes to the Cotswold & Shetland Fleeces!

Each year I enter my favorite fleeces in the county fair.  For the past 2 years Essex, my white Cotswold has won the white spinners AOB category........
.......and she won again!!!!  And yes there are other fleece entries in the category!!  Hers just happens to be the best!

Essex is very modest about her blue ribbons.... she never wants to smile for the camera:)

In all honesty I have not had much luck with Shetland fleece entries at the fair.  Usually getting 3rd and 4th in the natural color category.  BUT this year I really felt Colechester's wool was blue ribbon worthy and his took a blue ribbon!!!!  Oh yeah!  Take that, you other natural colored sheep breeds!! 

Colechester could not be pictured in a previous post because he is usually in a time out for being a shithead about something but due to his blue ribbon win I figured he should get picture credit. 
I have not told him about the blue ribbon because I know he will just become a bigger shithead, demanding more green grass, special treats etc. so I am keeping it on the download.  You can tell by that belly he already gets enough to eat;)
The grand champion fleece at the fair went to a Merino.....again.  Maybe I might have to slid a Merino somewhere in the flock cuz if my merino won at the fair it would be a different story...........