Monday, July 22, 2013

Dare I Say the "F" Word?

Right now the "F" word is right there, on the tip of my tongue.
I am done....loosing my patience.
Its getting on my last nerves....its getting all over my skin.
Its frying my existence to be productive.
Its straight up driving me to do irrational things and think irrationally.
I. Can't. Deal. With. The. Humidity.
Therefore, I am thinking of the "F" word already.........
"Whoa! Did you say the "F" word? I almost choked on the grass I was chewing!" Chelsea exclaimed.  "I don't know if my wool is long enough for that yet!" 

"But Chelsea, the sunflowers are blooming in the garden......"

"And the pumpkins on a stick are starting to grow......surly all signs of the "F" word," I stated.
"It will be so much better when I say and feel the "F" word Chelsea!  You will love it too!"

"Say it. Say the "F" word or I will say it for you," Abby stated without blinking an eye.
"Heck, you can say the "W" word for all I care cuz this humidity is pissing me off and reeking havoc on my wool!"

"Gee Abby, a little testy? I thought I was having issues."