Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Picking a Favorite Fleece

This year 27 sheep got sheared.  Not all 27 fleeces were "awesome". 
Piled in this cart are what I personally felt were the best fleeces.
Fleeces to be stored in the house, in the spare bathtub because I have nowhere else to store them include: 2 white Romney fleeces, one white Cotswold,  6 Shetland fleeces, and one Shetland x Cotswold fleece. 

Meesha picked this fleece as her favorite fleece.....perhaps its the resemblance to her blue merle color.

This fleece belongs to Colechester,  a Shetland yearling grey kat wether who could not be pictured today because he was in a time-out for going in the neighbor's yard and eating the neighbor's grass.

Even in a black & white photo the resemblance I told Meesha is just crazy! 

I do have to agree with Meesha that this was one of my favorite fleeces also....though the owner of the fleece is still on my sh*# list.  Regardless, I think I am going to enter it in the fair this year along with a Cotswold & Romney fleece.
Meesha is now 9 months old and is becoming quite the sheep herder......that's good cuz some butts need to start rolling out there in the barn starting with Colechester;)