Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On Day 16 it Rained Again

Today the weatherman said it would be the 16th day of rain in Northeast Ohio.
There hasn't been that many days of rain in a row since the 1920'
The word "rain" is like hearing little voices in my head driving me crazy.
Last summer I was doing rain dances for weeks trying to squeeze one, itty, bitty drop of rain out of the sky.  This summer the faucet hasn't turned off.
After the severe storms went through today ( in addition to a tornado warning during which I was trying to patiently shove   put 4 dogs and 7 cats down in the basement )  I went outside to see the results of the rain.  Above is a "river" that cut across my property, NOT!!  There is a natural swale that runs there but very rarely has it ever gotten to be a river 

And look another new "river" that is running down the south property line!!   The small creek couldn't handle all the rain and this was the result.  It took about 3 hours for the "river" to subside.

In honor of all of the rain this bird seed has started to grow as grass......I told the birds its a special treat for them.

At least I have the daisies in the garden that are still smiling regardless of all the rain.
Tonight the weatherman said there is suppose to be 6 days of "NO RAIN".
He better be telling the truth cuz I am packing some pretty serious piles of wet manure
 ......just sayin'  of course.