Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Lamb that Fell from the Sky

 On Saturday, May 25th this little black ram lamb fell from the sky and landed in my yard.
I know he fell from the sky because NO SHEEP WERE BRED this year.  I made that firm decision and told all the sheep that no form of fornication was going to take place in the Fall & Winter.  NONE. ZERO.

So I was standing in line for the bathroom at the Great Lakes Fiber Festival and my friend Shari called me but I ignored it because nature was calling first.  However, she called again 3 times in a row so I knew something was up.
"Hey, I am at your house and I walked back to see your animals and you have a newborn lamb and the other sheep are pushing him around," Shari tells me.
"Come again????" I said.  "Are you sure you are at my house?"
"Yes I am at your house, seriously, he is cleaned up but the others won't let the mom near him. Where do you want me to put him?" she asks
Of course my head is reeling because NO SHEEP WERE BRED!!!  WTF?!?!?!
"Ok, there is an empty stall in the barn, the open with the gate and lock. Put him in there and hopefully his mom will follow you," I replied.  "What color is the mom and are you sure you are at my house?"  Because I have no flipping clue because NO SHEEP WERE BRED!
"She is all black like her lamb and yes I am at your damn house........." was the reply.
So that morning I had noticed that Bristol, my only solid black ewe was very withdrawn and didn't want to eat.  After I had fed everyone I took her temperature and found it to be very low......I stuck a thermometer in her butt....of course, why would I have not noticed a milk bag?  Oh, that is because NO SHEEP WERE BRED so why would I think that a low temp would correlate to going into labor?!?!  Plus, the sheep were getting sheared the following week so all the sheep were looking fat and insanely woolly so again why would I have noticed a milk bag?  My 30 minute drive back home I kept wondering how I missed that one and just had to laugh at myself and thank heaven that my friend had just happened to stop by my house that day.
Well, his name is Milton and he is a chunky little ram lamb.  Completely smooth polled and he is enjoying his little self.  He will be a fiber wether because like I keep telling him, I don't know who your daddy is because you fell from the sky and your mom just happened to be standing were you landed and claimed you as her own........the craziest things happen on the farm;)