Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Greenhouse Dreams & Blue Merle Girls

Seriously, how long has this winter been dragging on?  I think its like been 8 months already......
And these past two weeks it has been either Lake Effect Snow or clipper snows here in Northeast Ohio.  Last Friday the Lake Effect Snow was so bad I had to call in sick to school because I was afraid to drive to work......well actually, I couldn't believe that the "special school district" I work for didn't cancel school like all the other 100 plus flippin schools in the area did so I excerised my common sense and said "I am sick of this s*#t" and called off. Surprisingly, my students used common sense too as only 20 of 110 went to school that day.....I was so proud of them;)
What last Friday did confirm was that I. AM. DONE. WITH. WINTER!
I want to play in the new greenhouse!! I didn't spend $*@#* (can't say how much because my Dad might be reading and I always lie about how much money I spend on things cuz it kinda freaks him out) on the greenhouse to look at it in the snow.......I am dreaming about playing in the dirt and growing lots of new seeds this year. 
This is one of the books I purchased for "winter" reading.  Great book with LOTS of good ideas and great pictures too!  The seed catalogs have been popping up in the mailbox.....such a good gift to get on a snowy winter day!

This weekend I moved the alpacas from the stall in the big barn to their temporary housing up by the greenhouse.  I am putting in a new pasture/fencing area but need to playing the ground game and I need to move 2 of the lean-to's.......I had them built on skids so they can be moved around if necessay.  The alpacas have been quite content in their new temporary living quarters.  Its been an interesting experience getting to know and understand them though I don't think they have been overly thrilled with getting to know me!
So, Dixie and Meesha have become like best sisters and are constantly running and playing outside in the snow.  It has been wonderful to see how Dixie accepted Meesha and I think she is truly happy to have a buddy to play with as the beagles are becoming old farts!
Yep, my blue merle girls are pretty special and for some insane reason, they love this snow!!!!!