Saturday, December 28, 2013

So How Did I Get 3 More Alpacas?

So exactly how did these 3 alpacas get to my little homestead?
I asked my parents for buy them for me for Christmas.
Ok. That's a huge lie cuz I usually lie to them on how I "acquire" animals and I am a responsible 46 year old adult and I don't lie to my parents....anymore....well at least since last month.
So, honestly they fell out of Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve & I was at my parents on Christmas Eve & didn't notice them until Christmas morning.
Ok. That's a lie too cuz Santa would never let any animal just fall out of his sleigh.  He would make sure they landed safely at a good mine.
So, seriously I was driving past Magical Farms and these 3 crias just jumped into the bed of the truck and refused to get out and attacked me till I said I would take them home.
Ok. That's a lie cuz I really was at Magical Farms buying grain for the 2 alpacas that I already have and the 3 crias followed me to my truck and held me a grain point. 

Alright, the honest truth is I might have "mentioned" to the super nice lady at Magical Farms that I "might" be interested in one or two white or tannish colored fiber males.....and how I ended up with 3......well seriously, they were all bottle babies and the super nice lady at Magical Farms had all 3 of them in the stall when I went to look at only "2" and the one pictured above walked right up to me and stuck his face in mine.......really? It was a hard decision to make....take 1 or 2 or took me at least a minute to decide on all was a very stressful situation......NO LIE!!

I mean look at those eyelashes.........
........look at the way the eyes just suck you in..... 

Everyone just bonded right away..........

....there was no bullying and isolating the new kids on the block.  A factor that I pointed out to all the sheep and goats who are notorious for bullying any new addition!

Now in all seriousness........
I can not have more than 5 alpacas because I can't count higher than 5 in Spanish. 
Uno.  Dos.  Tres.  Cuatro.  Cinco.
Ok, honestly I could count higher.....I mean I just have to look it up on my smart phone......


Camryn said...

Naughty girl!!! They are beyond adorable though, I can't even imagine saying no to them.

Kristi Z said...

Susan.....I find myself getting into more trouble as I get older! Must be the mind slipping!

Angie- ALSO's Cakes, Pastries and More said...

They are SO cute!!!! =-) I can see why would add them to the family!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

That happens to my lady with sheep. She just has trouble resisting sheep.

I don't see the draw really, as we all know goats are truly irresistible. Tee hee.

jen said...

Well they are super cute! Now....lets save some of that beautiful fleece, hair, fur (whatever it is that you call it) and make some stuff sis!

Kristi Z said...

Angie...oh they are cute and very soft and I am sure they saw a sucker coming when I walked into the stall to meet them!! Good to hear from you!

Thank you for stopping by! Goats are irresistible but they are the worst for getting themselves in trouble...of course, I am sure you never get yourself in trouble;)

This is the year!! I am feeling it!!!