Thursday, June 27, 2013

Seriously, a goat tanner?

First and foremost, my animals are not a reflection of me.  Period.
So, why I keep getting animals with "special" personalities I have no idea. 
Perhaps its God's way of testing me.
Let's look at Nelly here for example.
Nelly is a 3 month old LaMancha who at birth was almost buried by her mom because her mom for some reason only known to her, decided she only wanted the first doe born.  So, within an hour of being born, and much swearing by me at the mother,  Nelly became a bottle baby and lived in the house with me and the dogs.  I believe Nelly thinks she is a dog and she firmly believes I am her mother.  Period.
I admit that Nelly is a tad more spoiled than the other kids born this year, however, she does take her spoiledness to the next level.  Above is where I found Nelly the other day.......sunbathing on MY lounge chair on MY deck.

It is apparent she is very comfortable on HER lounge chair on HER deck.

She even comes back to take naps when the shade sets in during the late afternoon.

Nelly is not ashamed to spread out and get more comfortable and she does not like to share her personal space with anyone.

She does not like to be disturbed during nap time...........her humor is of her own making.

"Did you say bottle time?  Its bottle time already? Where has the day gone!?!
 Let me get right on that!"
My life would be so boring without a little goat humor on a hot summer day.


Camryn said...

Love it, she looks so elegant lounging on the lounge.

Tammy said...

Oh my..and I suppose come winter she will have a chair by the fire knitting a sporty little cape for herself? :-) Love it when I see people that spoil their animals even harder than I do. Keep up the good work.


jen said...

Why I am not surprised by this? Your farm animals just aren't normal sis, weirdness must run in our family :)

Jodi Stone said...

You write so much like Jen! I love how she stole your lounge chair, I have a dog that does that too.